The Bathroom Graffiti Series, Entry 1

I’ve been working in the writing center, a facility that is housed in our university library, since 2008. Because I now live two hours away from the campus where I currently teach, I am there all day once I get there. This means I use a lot of public restrooms. Bear with me.

I’ve seen bathroom wall tags come and go. And I’m always fascinated by them. There was the character series last year, which started with #moriartylives and progressed to #frodolives some halfway down a second wall before it was erased. Each day I’d find a new name. 

I often wonder what motivates bathroom-wall-writing. It’s nothing I’ve ever been compelled to do. And yet it’s as varied as it can possibly be, ranging from poetry to pop culture references and the ever-present “I wuz here” that throws us all back to the fourth grade when we wrote that sentence over and over.

I’ve decided, since I’m so fascinated by it, to do a bathroom graffiti series. And so, dear readers, I present you with this gem. The wall must’ve been clean this week, as this was the only writing on the wall, surrounded by a heart too large to photograph. It kind-of makes my brain hurt to think about it too long. And yet…It’s a reference to a meme perhaps inspired by a popular trolling question (seriously, just Google it.). So we have a troll in the bathroom, writing on the wall as if it’s a Facebook wall or a networking platform. Excellent rhetorical strategy, Little Troll.


“Sometimes at night, I cover myself in Vaseline and slither around the house. I do this with as many people home as possible to show my dominance over the household.”


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