Strategic Blogging, part 2: Why Four Blogs?



Some of you are probably asking:

Why didn’t you three just set up a single blog and build from there? That is a reasonable question. I will do my best to answer it today.

Diana and I have been talking about this project for years. We discussed it with friends over the summer, and they seemed interested. The one hitch was that no one except me really knew all that much about blogging. At some point, we realized it was going to take a while to organize the sort of collaboration we have in mind.

Diana and I didn’t want to wait for the big project to get organized. We felt we needed go ahead and start building an audience and making connections with other bloggers. We also thought we needed to get really efficient at blogging.

We brainstormed several different ways of getting started. We finally settled on the four-blog model  because it made the most sense. Here is what our blog would look like if we were all just writing on the same blog:

We would have the same general content we have now, but it would all be on one site. Sam would write about filmmaking. I would write about writing and blog videos. Diana would do utterly cool things no one else could ever come up with. We would still be needing contributors. Most of it would be high-quality stuff.

There’s a catch, though.

We would never post more than two pieces a day, and the blog would not be focused. Everything we published would be coming from Part Time Monster. We would have a couple of two-hour windows per day, at best, where we could expect people to find what our work in their news feeds, and our regular readers would not know what to expect from one day to the next. To my way of thinking, that is no way to treat an audience.

The only way to grow our blog would be to convince other people to link to us, and that’s not something you ask for. It’s something you earn.  The way to get people to link to you is to consistently do your best work and link to others. Do that long enough, and good things will start to happen; but it does take time.

Next week, I will explain why we believe the way we’ve organized these blogs will work.



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