Florence and the Machine, Rabbit Heart (Raise it Up)

I’ve been a fan of Florence and the Machine for several years-since “Heavy” was used on the soundtrack for one of the Twilight films, actually. (Yes, I watched the Twilight films-and read the novels. I’m not sure I could call myself a girls’ studies scholar or a YA scholar if I hadn’t, due to their immense popularity among the groups.)

“Rabbit Heart” is poetry. In fact, much of what Florence Welch writes and performs would read as poetry, and that is a large part of what I enjoy about her work. It also doesn’t hurt that she’s an unconventionally beautiful red-head with a sense of personal style that rejects pop’s idea of female sexiness. And “Rabbit Heart” capitalizes on that. The song is laden with literary references, from the opening “looking glass so shiny and new” reference toward the Alice books to its invocation of the Midas myth and sacrificial imagery. And in doing so it captures a girl’s movement toward womanhood. There’s something about moving from being “rabbit hearted” to “lion hearted” that speaks to us.


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