I’ve seen a year and a half long miracle of New Orleans culture: Rolling with Kings

The Rolling Elvi at a St. Baldrick's Event
The Rolling Elvi at a St. Baldrick’s Event

About a year and a half ago, the fiancee, Sam, started working on a film about a group of guys, The Krewe of the Rolling Elvi. As a non-New Orleans-ian, who had visited often but never been to Mardi Gras (though I knew about it, of course), I was confused by everything about this project. I knew what a krewe was, but didn’t know what a sub-krewe was. I knew about Mardi Gras parades. But I didn’t know about the work that goes into organizing a krewe, a parade, or that the krewes aren’t just about Mardi Gras itself.

The Rolling Elvi at an event for the Louisiana SPCA
The Rolling Elvi at an event for the Louisiana SPCA

Watching this group of people over the last year, I’ve come to an entirely new understanding of what it means to be a part of a krewe, particularly one like the Rolling Elvi. It means family: I’ve watched the men of the Elvi and the women of the Priscillas support one another; I’ve watched wives help husbands with jumpsuits and hair, and I’ve seen fathers carry their children, mouths open with laughter, around on their Elvi scooters. It means friendship: I’ve watched the members of the group support one another through loss of jobs, sickness, getting new jobs, having children, and a host of other changes. It means silliness: I’ve watched the group wear jumpsuits and makeup and wigs and dance and laugh.

But most of all, being a part of the Rolling Elvi means being a part of a community. Not just any community, and not just their own, but the city of New Orleans. I’ve watched them work with and in the city, doing charity work for the Louisiana SPCA, Odyssey House, Children’s Hospital, and St. Baldrick’s. I’ve seen them bring smiles to faces, some of which look as though it’s been a fair few since they’ve smiled so hard.

And I’ve watched my fiancee and his partners film all of this despite their various day jobs and responsibilities and despite having almost no budget to work with. I’ve seen a year and a half long miracle of New Orleans culture.

In the final days of the IndieGoGo campaign, we are using Thunderclap* to promote the film and hopefully spark some more interest. I believe in this film, I believe in this krewe, and I believe in the group of people who are working to bring a slice of New Orleans to the forefront through the film.

*If this story interests you, intrigues you, or if you just want to find out more, please visit the Thunderclap and Indiegogo pages for more information on the krewe and the film as well as information on how you can help. Easy instructions are provided for using both.

Edit: These are simple instructions for Thunderclap if you want to support this:

5 easy steps to support the Thunderclap (takes about three minutes).

1. Go to https://www.thunderclap.it/projects/6687-rolling-with-kings.
2.Click the “Support with Facebook” button.
3. Once you click “Support with Facebook,” you will have the option of entering a message.
4. You may be asked to enter your username and password. Thunderclap does not save this information. You are only granting permission to post this message once.
5. Once you receive a confirmation message, you’re done.



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    1. Thanks! We’ll be putting out more info about the film as it progresses, likely through Universal Half-Truths. And I’m sure there’ll be a fair few Mardi Gras posts here. Stay tuned!


    1. Thank you! We managed to get our Thunderclap going with about 15% more than we needed, which was amazing, all things considered. And although it didn’t make the fund raising goal, we did see donations double for Sam’s film project.

      Sam and his colleagues are now working on piecing the film together, and The Rolling Elvi are readying for another Mardi Gras, which is right around the corner for us. Never a dull moment here in NOLA!


        1. This will actually be my first living in New Orleans, and I’m terribly excited to see what it’s like to be here for the whole season.


        2. Lucky you! I wish we did, too … And I hope everywhere in that wonderful place can be said to be recovering fast, if not already back to full ‘health’!


  1. You need to check your publicize settings. This did not his Sourcerer’s fan page. Also, make sure you have the option to post to twitter. I shared this on my FB timeline and Tweeted it using the buttons at the bottom of the post


    1. I’m noticing that it has something to do with how I go about making a new post. It didn’t hit PTM fan page either. When I use the “new post” option, it doesn’t give me the sidebar or publicize. I’m going to have to start new posts using only the dashboard, I think.


      1. Ok, makes sense. It’s kind of like how reblogging doesnt hit them. Maybe I should write support a little email. I never use the “new post” because I don’t like that whole “select type” with the icons at the top. I go to all posts/new post, and I have my default post set to normal or text, whatever it is called.


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