Favorite Moment: Scandal

I was watching Scandal yesterday, catching up on the final few episodes before the season break, and this happened. To put the clip in context, Lisa Kudrow’s character has just been shown a negative political ad that uses a close-up of a woman’s hand and links that to inexperience. She has reason to be upset with her opponent and with the reporter jabbing at her.

I was basically cheering by the time she finished talking. It was just as perfect as that time that Kathy Bates reacted to Obama’s presidency in American Horror Story.





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  1. I get the worst ice cream headache right before the show starts every week. I get absolutely schoolgirl giddy over this show. I roll my eyes at times and I think it veers too far off the original intent of the show, but I never ever miss Scandal. One of my must watch shows every week.


    1. I started watching it on Netflix this summer because I’d heard such good things about it, and I’m now caught up. I won’t be missing it anymore.

      I got a little bogged down in season 2, about midway through, but it’s picked back up 10-fold in season 3. I’m ready for it to come back.


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