This is how 2013 ends…

Not with a bang, but a whimper.

I’m still sick. I finally made myself (or the fiancee made me, really) go to the doctor this morning. In all fairness, I should’ve gone last week when I started feeling bad, but I’m a wimp about going to the doctor. Or anyplace new, really. Because of my anxiety disorder, one of the things I have trouble with is meeting new folks, especially those who have some sort of authority. And doctors just seem to. Since moving to NOLA, I’ve not been to a doctor here-I’ve kept up with my regular physician on campus on the days that I’ve had to go to USM. But there was no way I was driving an hour and  half to the doctor, as sick as I am, so I had to find a new one. And he was very nice, of course, as they always end up being, and very concerned, of course, that I’d waited until I had an eye infection, double ear infection, and a cold before coming in. Oops. So he gave me 2 shots and plenty of meds and sent me on my way.

Now, The Fiancee, Tank, and I are just curled up on our couch watching TV. The Little Jedi is with his father, enjoying his Christmas/New Year’s time there. But there are far worse ways that I can think of for ringing in the New Year. I may be sick, but I’m here in my new home, hanging out with almost all of my little family, being well taken care of as I hide away from the world. This year has brought a new home in a new city, an engagement, a change in direction of my dissertation-thus career, the blog, the end of me taking classes, the Little Jedi’s first time in school/staying outside of the home for the day, and a totally new family member-Tank.

Sometimes a whimper is better than a bang. And then sometimes-you need the bang:



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  1. Sorry you’re sick but SO glad you finally saw a doctor so you can start getting well. I hope you wake up on the New Year Day feeling better than you did on New Year Eve 🙂


    1. Thank you! Today looks to be a much better day than yesterday, with my eyes so much better than I can put in contacts and the sniffles mostly gone. Still working on the ears and the cough, but hey, halfway well is better than not well at all.


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