A Community of Monsters: Zero to Hero Day 1

 Yesterday, Gene’O published his first Zero to Hero post. This was the first I’d heard about the entire thing, and so I went and looked it up, of course. I’ve already managed to find many new blogs and bloggers to follow, and the entire process just seems fun. And really, those are the two major things I want to accomplish by blogging-having fun and connecting with other people.


A few months ago, my brother approached me with an idea for a collaborative blog. We talked for hours about how best to accomplish building a blog that would allow us to build an audience as well as a set of contributors while maintaining our contributors’ autonomy. Finally, we realized that we were going about it all wrong, and the triad of Universal Half-Truths, The Writing Catalog, and Part Time Monster was born. Sourcerer came along very shortly after.

The blogs work together, but they are separate entities. My prong, Part Time Monster, is both personal and multi-contributor. I had a blog, back in ye olden days of Myspace, that I kept up fairly regularly, and I also had a LiveJournal for a while back in those days. But eventually I fell off the map, as I wasn’t really all that dedicated to what I was doing. I was writing more of a personal journal than a blog.

Now, though I do intend to (and have been) maintain(ing) a focus on the personal-parenting, relationships, family, work-I also focus on film, television, books, and geekery. And my fellow monster contributors are doing the same. We’re creating a community through personal blogs, something that WordPress is a good platform for. And thus, my goal for 2014’s blogging is simple-continue building a community of monsters through Part-Time Monster and its affiliate sites.


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