An (Accidentally) Girl-Centric Blog: Zero to Hero Day 3

I’m not sure that I had any one post in mind when I began this blog-or even any one particular topic. Instead, I had several ideas-a Doctor Who series (which I’m going to return to soon), a bathroom graffiti series (which will pick back up when the Christmas break ends and I’m at USM to record more graffiti), thoughts on parenting and relationships (which happen from time to time), and a developed series or two from like-minded friends. And so on day 3 of Zero to Hero, I’ll contemplate the Accidental Femaleness of this blog.

As Gene’O laid out in his Zero to Hero post from today, we began this as a collaborative project, and one of the reasons we did so is that we know so many talented writers with interesting things to say; but we rather quickly realized that one blog wasn’t the answer. One blog would pigeon-hole us into an unfocused blog that had an overabundance of content. So while we were coming up with the plans for what would become The Writing Catalog and Sourcerer, I started Part Time Monster.

I’d been wanting to make a return to the world of blogging, something I briefly delved into as an undergraduate (back when the world of blogging was just taking off), but I kept making excuses not to. But once I had motivation in the form of friends willing to read and contribute, and once I remembered how much I love to write for no reason at all, I began crafting Part Time Monster. I also began reaching out to friends who would be interested in collaborating on the project. And somehow, with the except of Gene’O, this blog became a girl-centric blog. True, many of the people I approached about writing were women-but not all of them. But the people who were interested in contributing to the Monster were almost exclusively women.

And that has allowed for the beginning of something cool that I had not originally planned for Part Time Monster to be but that it will be-a place for women. Now, I know that seems like a silly thing to say, probably, but hear me out. Yes, I am a woman, which means that to a certain extent I did mean for this to be a woman’s blog. But what I mean is this: I didn’t create the blog to be female-centric. I created it as a place for my nerdy friends to write cool features and for me to write personal and nerdy things. Sex and gender weren’t really part of overt considerations. But I’ve made some unconscious choices that’ve led (fortuitously) to women writing not just about their home and family, but nerdiness, too.

I can’t help but think of my favorite part of Annie’s first blog post for the Monster:

I am all about reversing the notion that all things pink and traditionally “girly” are silly and deserving of scorn. Sailor Moon uses the power of flashing magenta hearts to both heal the innocent and obliterate soulless evil. If pink sugar hearts are your thing, embrace them without shame.

And that’s what I get to do here. Tr-la-la.



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  1. Wow, this might be your best post yet.

    I noticed the girl-centric thing weeks ago, I just didn’t say it. Being the only dude to publish here so far makes me feel pretty honored, actually. And we’ve always known that my contributions are just to help with start-up.

    The unintentional girl-thing here is kind of like how I “accidentally” set up Sourcerer to be a collaborative blog. Happy accidents, both! I am inclined to think that, in both cases, we were doing things unconsciously, but intentionally at the same time, if that makes any sense. We tend to follow our intuitions.

    I believe we are on the right track here. The challenge for the next year is to just keep it going. If we can do that, good things will happen.

    Editing this to add: “I love to write for no reason at all” is such a fabulous quote. I feel the same way. If I only wrote when I needed a reason, I would be in big trouble. Writing is its own reward, to my way of thinking.


    1. Why thank you.

      I noticed the girl-centric thing a little while back, when I first started getting solid “yes” answers from folks, but it’s just not something that I’ve put much thought into until now. It is quite a happy accident; I think it’s both an intentional and unintentional thing that I’ve managed to do-though I’d say that there’s less of it that’s intentional than I’d like. 😉


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