Menageries and Odd-Mixtures: Zero to Hero Day 4

I have an affinity for animals-especially wild ones. There’s something that is just the right kind of exhilarating about getting next to an animal that you’re not supposed to be close to. At one point, I thought I’d be a veterinarian or a zookeeper, but when I realized that I’d have to deal with instances of animal cruelty and potentially put animals to sleep (and upon discovery of my severe allergies to cats and my lack of scientific aptitude), those dreams were put away.

But I still take any opportunity I can to get close to wildlife.

She laughs-Playing with tigers from the Marcan Tiger Preserve at the Gulf Shores Zoo.
She laughs-Playing with tigers from the Marcan Tiger Preserve at the Gulf Shores Zoo.

Next up, as soon as I can swing it, is Audubon Zoo’s Backstage Penguin Pass.

An albino peacock at The Fountain of Youth in St. Augustine, Florida, about to be very happy it’s fed peanuts.

(On day 4 of Zero to Hero, the task was to find some new blogs by browsing around topics. I chose graduate school, children’s books, sculpture, New Orleans, and pop culture. Weird little mix, I know, but each topic yielded fun and promising results. )



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  1. I’ve always loved animals. I did a summer internship at the Denver Zoo a few years ago and worked with the hoof stock–mostly camels, giraffes, zebras and all those things that look like different types of antelope. It was the most physically exhausting work I’ve ever done. But the animals were great. The camels loved to pick on people they knew were new and followed them around nuzzling their ears and just basically getting in the way.

    My husband I visited the Audubon Zoo two years ago. What I remember most is the white alligator 🙂


    1. That sounds so cool! I’m in a field that really has nothing whatsoever to do with animals-working on a PhD in English literature-but I still love finding out about them. And I absolutely love the chance to get close to them.

      I actually haven’t been to the Audubon since moving here in May, but I plan to rectify that very soon!


      1. What an exciting move. I love New Orleans. My husband and I have visited the last 3 years for Mardi Gras–not the flashing/drink fest on Bourbon, but we like to go to the parades and dress in costume on Fat Tuesday. We usually visit for at least a week so we can do some non-Mardi Gras activities, like the zoo, the WW2 museum, bike tours, etc. I have to say, I’ve contemplated living there, but I’m not so good with humidity and some of the bugs 🙂


        1. haha-Well I grew up in neighboring Mississippi, so I’m quite accustomed to the climate.

          I don’t often wander over to Bourbon, though I’ve had my day there when I was younger. A tend to go for Frenchman or one of the other less touristy, less crazy spots.


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