Batman Poll!

After reading Jeremy’s wonderful introductory essay to his series on Batman at Sourcerer, the fiancee and I decided to watch The Dark Knight tonight.

And this, of course, brought me to the realization that I’d want this Batmobile:

Because it's badass-photo courtesy of The Reelist
Because it’s badass-photo courtesy of The Reelist

So how about you, readers? Which Batmobile would you prefer?



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    1. I also wasn’t discouraging you from using my method; if you are going to do something similar, I would suggest holding off until a weekday and either posting early, or late, Before or after the main post.


    2. This is wonderful! I saw it right about the time I hit “publish” last night. And thank you for putting the nom here. 😉

      This award makes me happy. I found Don Charisma right at the beginning of when I started blogging, and I enjoy the snark.


      1. I think I found him early on, but he sort of slipped off my radar. He is very funny and nice. He came and left me a comment and liked my fan page. I followed him on FB and a few other places. I am interested to see, over the next year, how many people accept that award by liking my Awards page.


  1. You need to go into discussion settings and allow nested comments at least 5 deep.

    I like the main part of the page better, including the hedline and text fonts. Can you either upload an image or change the color of the header? Either would improve it. The gray needs to be lighter if you’re going to keep a white font on gray because that white font is blinding. A totally different color that shows a little character would maybe be even better.

    Otherwise, the only thing I can see to quibble with is the sidebar on the right, but that is a matter of taste. It’s a sound layout.

    I think it’s a good theme for displaying content with multimedia components. For big blocks of text, the white might get a little bright.

    You are correct, it is a lot more clean. It is just the sort of page I like.


    1. I tried uploading a header to this, and it just looked funny. I think I can tone down the grey, though. I didn’t like the reds very much, and unfortunately those were the only options.

      I also prefer the left sidebar, but I can’t find a way to change it, and I like that it gives me 3 footers to put the large widgets in and the sidebar for the smaller, more important ones.

      Will fix the comments now. Working on the blogroll, got the awards page up, and doing some other housework like that.


      1. Awesome, I can’t wait to see how it turns out. I have to do some sort of wrap-up for this week to let folks know I’m shifting gears. Sent you & Src. contributors a long email with progress report and plan I am working on for spring.

        You should check this out. The tagline and About page are more than worth the look, and they left a funny video on my Dragon page.


        1. Try that and see what you think.

          Also, oo, thanks for the link.

          Got the e-mail and read through it, but haven’t responded yet since I’ve been doing the bloggy stuff and watching The Dark Knight.


        2. Immediate response not really required. I just wanted to contact everyone personally before my life gets crazy again, thank them, and let them know I’ve still got plenty of tricks in my bag.

          We have had an insanely good week of blogging here, the great thing about the way we’ve got this set up is, as long as we can keep enough contributions to have content from multiple perspectives, I can do this every time there’s a long break from school.

          The site looks much better now. The header looks good. I would keep on the lookout for two or three more header images of that quality and pin them, so you can change it periodically. The muted white is much easier on the eye.

          And I just stumbled into something fun. I’m not even going to save it for a peak time, I am just going to post it because it is some delightful mischief to be had.


  2. Yes, I am the one who filled in the “Other.” Because I want this one:

    I wanted to paste in the actual image for effect, but WordPress will not let me.


      1. I think if you are an administrator there is a way. I uploaded a gold star to a comment when we were trying out those first blogs. No option to do it on that thread, though, and it would not let me just copy and paste the image in.


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