Getting Back to Zero to Hero and an Award

Alright, so I haven’t forgot the Zero to Hero thing, guys. It’s just been a whirlwind, with many things I want to write making their way to the forefront of what I’m doing and lots of getting ready for teaching this semester, which began yesterday. I have actually been keeping up with much of what the posts are designed to do-working on widgets, for example, was something I did when I re-designed the theme and layout of the site. I’ve been revamping my reader and finding new, cool blogs and bloggers to connected with. I’m more pleased with the re-design than I have been with any Part Time Monster site design so far, but I”m not entirely pleased with the links and blogroll. That was yesterday’s task, but as yesterday was the first day of teaching for the semester, it hasn’t happened yet. It shall.

While I was out and about, PTM was also awarded with the Not Freshly Pressed Award by Gene’O atΒ Sourcerer.


As you might imagine, the Not Freshly Pressed award is given to blogs who haven’t been featured on WordPress’s Freshly Pressed section-and there are many of us. I’m nominating Capt Jill’s Journeys,Β Sleeping Geeks, Wordgasm, and NOLA Feminizer. And to all of my followers. You can find instructions for acceptance here.Β 

As for why I’d like to be featured on Freshly Pressed? That’s fairly straightforward. It means more exposure as a blogger, as folks use the “Freshly Pressed” section when they’re looking for new blogs or something “different.” Aside from that, I’m not sure it matters to me that much. But yes, the exposure that comes with it would be nice. πŸ™‚

Now, it’s time to step away from the computer again. 5:00, and I still have to finish quite a bit of work before 2nd day of teaching tomorrow. Speaking of tomorrow, look for 2 Gene’O posts. Friday we’ll return with a Dawne-post about the apocalypse, and I’ll be back with Zero to Hero.



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  1. Thanks for the nomination Diana! Appreciated. πŸ™‚
    I think I’ve had enough with the Zero to Hero… I get I’ll be left stuck at a quarter past Zero, considering I only did 1 week.


    1. I just keep coming upon things that I’d rather write about instead-or the post hits a day after I’ve done something, like a site redesign. And you’re welcome-I enjoy seeing what you guys come up with!


  2. I really like the new layout on your blog, it looks great! I was lucky to have been Freshly Pressed very early in my blogging which was great but I feel like now every post is a disappointment!


    1. haha! I noticed that earlier when I went to your page. Great minds think alike, I hear. It’s good to have you staying on the WordPress. πŸ™‚


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