(OAMG) Wiz-War

Wiz-War by Fantasy Flight Games

The first game I wanted to review is one I am currently obsessed with, Wiz-War. In Wiz-War, you can play one of four wizards in a maze trying to get the other wizards’ treasure or fight to the death. You and your friends get to pick from 6 different schools of magic to make up the deck you will drawing from during the game. The first wizard to two points, earned from collecting two treasures from other wizards, or the last wizard standing wins the game. The board to this game is made of four tiles that are two sided (on tile or each wizard) that when put together create a labyrinth you and your friends must work through to get to each other or each other’s treasure. Are you out for treasure or out for blood?

All the bits and pieces laid out.

THEME: Fantasy, Magic

PUBLISHER: Fantasy Flight

DESIGNER(S): Kevin Wilson, Tom Jolly

COST: $40-$50 on average


I love this game. The Captain and I rented it from out local gamer shop, Go 4 Games, along with another board game. We had so much fun with Wiz-War that we never even touched the other game! The official playtime for this game is 60-90 minutes, but when you are just playing with two people, I’ve found that games can end in a quick 30 minutes. So when you see my time below and the time on other game sites, that’s where I came up with it.

This game has a ton of replay-ability  From just having two sides to each piece of the board to having so many different schools of magic with which to build the deck. I have fun seeing which schools I like best and what kind of strategies I can come up with the cards in my hand.

One of my favorite components to this game is the life counters. They are these dials that turn to help you keep track of you hit points.

I love most of the pieces to this game. Fantasy Flight games always have a TON of little pieces to them. I’ve found that we have YET to need anywhere need all the Time, Crack, or Stun tokens they provide you with in the box (and there’s a good bit) but the rest of the pieces get used regularly and really add to the game play, in my opinion.

You might look at the price above and go “Whoa, that’s a lot for a board game!” But honestly, in the world of board games, it’s not that bad. I’ve seen and own some games that start creeping up to the three digit mark (if the price doesn’t go over it), especially once you start adding in expansions. With that said, I highly recommend this game. Don’t let the somewhat long instruction/rule book deter you. It really is a basic game at heart.

Have a suggestion for a board game you’d like to see on this Once A Month Gamer post? Have any questions about this month’s game? Leave a comment down below!



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