On Literal Trailers: Game of Thrones Season 4

Game of Thrones is one of my current favorite TV shows, and as soon as I finish comps reading, I just know that it’s going to be a favorite book series as well. I read the first book after seeing the first season of the show, and I was pleasantly surprised at how the two matched. I’m told the HBO series strays farther from the books as the seasons continue (which seems to be a mark of an adapted series) but stays relatively close to its source material.

This Literal Trailer, though, made me laugh-a lot. It pokes fun at some generic tropes, and it doesn’t stick to one genre. It simultaneously critiques fantasy, TV, and our fascination with trailers-they’re a genre with rules themselves. It’s light-hearted, but there’s truthiness in the humor.



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  1. There are a couple graphic sex scenes as I recall if you’re worried about that. Pretty minimal, but still. And of course, lots of violence.

    After reading all the books, I actually am 60/40 in favor of HBO. Although, I guess you’re trading the misogyny for colonialism. Maybe I’m back to 50/50. I guess I won’t fully decide until the series ends, but the whole Danaerys plot was going a little downhill on the show, I thought.

    Am curious up great what you think of the books one you read more!


    1. Although the first novel reads much like the script for season one and I haven’t read past that, I would recommend it and the other books. They’re big time investments though, as they’re all quite long.

      The first book was compelling; between exams and being concerned about the series not yet being finished, I haven’t picked them back up, but I will given the time and opportunity.


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