Tolkien Round-up, Catch-up, and Discussion Thread

image by Silentrageleon/Deviant Art
image by Silentrageleon/Deviant Art

It’s doubtful that I’ll have the next Lord of the Rings post ready to go this week, because I just don’t have the time to do Isildur justice. I hope to write the next installment over the weekend and have it posted sometime next week. Here’s a quick roundup to things a few of my favorite Tolkien bloggers have written recently:

James at A Tolkienist’s Perpective takes on a book review, and comes up with some truly interesting observations about The Real Middle Earth, which presents a new theory that Tolkien drew much of the inspiration for Middle Earth from Abyssinia.

At Sweating to Mordor, Eric encounters Old Man Willow. ( I love the concept of this blogging project. Eric reads the books while covering the same distance Frodo and Samwise covered in the passage he is reading on an elliptical machine. Then he blogs about it.)

The Leather Library has videos of YouTube violin phenom Taylor Davis, who plays a lot of movie and video game music, doing renditions some of the music from the movies, along with a couple of other pieces.

I’ll be back next week with a post on Isildur. If you haven’t followed my series on LOTR so far, see the links below.

LOTR: Encounters with the Ring (unofficial title)

Part 1: How I plan to read the Lord of the Rings for this Series

Part 2: A Brief History of the Rings of Power

Part 3: The One Ring is an Independent Character

My plan is to use the next three installments to cover Isildur, Gollum, and Bilbo.

I’ll check this thread as I have time and answer any questions/comments related to Tolkien’s work that people care to ask.

image: SilentrageLeon/Deviant Art



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    I am looking forward to the Next post. I am sure that Part Time Monster will surely do Isildur justice. he is an interesting character and I cant wait to see what you are going to say about him.


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