Snowmageddon 2014: A report in memes

When I was in London in July 2008, there were heat wave advisories going out when there were 2 days of 80 degree weather. I chuckled a bit, but then I remembered the relativism-sunscreen, how much water to drink, and how to dress for super-warm weather wasn’t second nature for folks whose average temperatures, even in summer, were lower. And now here I am, right in the middle of what might be the South’s next Snowmageddon.


While we in the South are buckled down for Snowmageddon 2014, I’m sure many of you are smiling at us. Or outright laughing. Some of us are even laughing at us.


But remember-we experience this caliber of cold so rarely that we’re not only unaccustomed to it, but we rarely have the right clothing or tires to wander out into it. You also need to remember that it was in the 60’s here yesterday.


We’re funny, we know. We acknowledge it. We laugh at ourselves.

Just, you know, be patient with us. It’s really cold out there, y’all. Winter is here.


And an added bonus, as it’s one of my favorite Southern weather moments:



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    – If you missed this at Part Time Monster yesterday, you should check it own now. It’s not only hilariously funny, it’s shaping up to be our most popular post ever, so you know it must be good 😉


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