Tolkien Roundup with Thoughts

I still haven’t gotten around to writing about Isildur, but I do have some yummy links for you, and I have a good reason. First, links to the best Tolkien blogging I’ve read in the last week.

If you love Tolkien and you’re not following A Tolkienist’s Perspective, you’re missing out. James has an interesting post on The Dagor Dagorath – the last battle of Middle Earth mythology. It’s an idea Tolkien abandoned publishing, and it never entered the canon. But a text of it has been constructed from Tolkien’s own writing. If you’re into the mythology, you want to read it. It even has end notes.

Sweating to Mordor has arrived at the Prancing Pony. This is my favorite LOTR read-through right now. Eric is travelling the distance from Hobbiton to Mordor on his elliptical machine, reading as he goes, and blogging about the book afterward. It’s pure genius, and he always finds something interesting from the books to talk about. We’re only 79 miles to Weathertop.

And now for a real bonus. The Leather Library has discovered some just-for-the-Internet LOTR prequel movies that are very well-produced. Seriously, the costumes and the acting are great, and they use the actual languages of Middle Earth to tell this story. It’s not something a Tolkien fan should miss. Here’s Born of Hope, a story of Aragorn’s father. You can find The Hunt for Gollum at The Leather Library.

You can find out why I’ve been too busy to continue my own series this week after the cut.


I found out about The Day We Fight Back, a day of protest against mass surveillance, on Friday evening. I posted about it and got enough support from other bloggers that we decided to build a network to share information about it and invite others to join us. If you are interested in this project, here are a few links for you:

This page at Sourcerer explains everything you need to know, gives you links to the other members of the coalition, and has some useful links to help you understand government spying.

Here’s me explaining how it all came about, and this is the original post from Friday evening. We worked out most of the details on that comments thread.

I plan to continue my Tolkien series as soon as I have time to sit down and do a proper job with Isildur. It’s important to me that I do as good a job with him as I did with my History of the Rings of Power, and the surveillance thing is important to a lot of people I know, so I’m not rushing it.


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