Saturday Smiles

Well, it’s time to do the wedding dress shopping. I’ll be mostly out of pocket for the weekend, but before I go, I leave you with a Saturday smile. This is one of my favorite BBC comedy series, though it was short-lived. Walk on the Wild Side aired in 2009 and 2010, for a total of two seasons/series; it uses comedians’ voices layered over nature footage-making for some really funny stuff. Where else will you see real sharks signing the Jaws theme?



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    1. Oh, thanks linking to the Monster. I’m so glad you’ve enjoyed that clip so much. I really wish BBC had done more of Walk on the Wild Side. Such a funny concept.


      1. I love it! I was watching it this morning, just woke up and was laughing out loud already.. I think I recognized the voices if little Britain boys.. Am I right?


        1. OHH YES Ricky Gervais. I did know him until I googled his name today. He is really good indeed..


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