Bathroom Graffiti, Entry 5

Celebrities are a Distraction from our REAL problems. So is Facebook."
“Celebrities are a Distraction from our REAL problems. So is Facebook.”

I found this one on the door of a bathroom stall in the library yesterday. It makes me wonder what we perceive as real, what we consider actual problems. More and more, as social media becomes a way to (dis)connect with people we know, it proves not just a distraction, but a disruption of the way we interact with one another face-to-face. Funny, for something with a name like Facebook.



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    1. All sports probably would. But then we start getting into the difference between “real” and “unreal.” What makes one thing a distraction and something else real?


  1. oh, and here’s one that kind of feeds into what your find is saying:
    it’s from a pedestrian tunnel under a train track — it’s always covered in graffiti, then painted white (assumably by the city), and in no-time it’s graffiti-ed again. this artist found it just as it had just been completely whited-out, and expressed her / his regret with the worlds “when i think of all the things i haven’t seen” — could also be read as an existential statement. is this whole facebook and twitter and tumblr behavior an attempt to break out of our innate inability to see everything all the time, since we’re limited and temporary ourselves?


    1. Oh, that’s lovely. And you know, I don’t know. But it might be an attempt to see and do all we can in the time we have, sure. Makes as much sense as anything else I’ve heard as an explanation for why we’re so fascinated with social media. It’s a way of having experiences we wouldn’t otherwise get because of that limited and temporary self. I think it’s also a way of throwing ourselves out there, which is sort of the other side of the coin, because we’re so temporary that we want to put something out there that will be out there even when we’re not. Maybe. I need to think that out more.


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