Tough Ladies #3-Respect for Karen Berger

Hello, everyone! Today’s Tough Ladies post is going to be somewhat brief, with more to (hopefully) come next week. Today, I want to express respect for, and thanks to, Karen Berger.

Karen Berger-Image courtesy of The Mary Sue
Karen Berger-Image courtesy of The Mary Sue

If you don’t know the name, don’t fret—Karen Berger was the editor of DC Comics’s Vertigo imprint when it started up back in the ’80s. It was largely through her efforts that the British Invasion of American comic books occurred, effectively adding talent from across the pond to what was already present. During her time at Vertigo, she was editor on a huge number of titles—everything from Grant Morrison‘s The Invisibles to Brian K. Vaughan‘s Y: The Last Man. Were it not for her efforts, American audiences might have limited to no exposure to such writers as Grant Morrison, Alan Moore, Warren Ellis, and (believe it or not) Neil Gaiman. We would never have had such characters as John Constantine (of Hellblazer) or Dream (of Sandman).

Let me know your thoughts below. Give Karen Berger a follow on Twitter. Look up her work at your local comic shops. Go forth and enjoy!

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