The Power of Twitter for Writers Looking to Publish | PrettyRedShoes

Some good ideas on using Twitter for writers from Christie at Pretty Red Shoes.

Some of these could be extrapolated to talk about using it for blogging purposes.

The Power of Twitter for Writers Looking to Publish | PrettyRedShoes.



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    1. You’re welcome! I’m trying to get more into using Twitter, as are some of the other bloggers I know, so I thought this looked like a good re-blog for our community.


  1. You are a busy bee today. Thanks for sharing this and the previous. I’ll archive them on the fan page and read them carefully.

    I think Friday proves I am right about not being too concerned about art for the Tolkien posts. It’s good for everything to be illustrated, but if push comes to shove, it is more important to just publish. Take a look at the conversations I we had on all three blogs. It’s more important to let the right people know it’s coming, do the very best writing I can on that stuff, and make sure the headline represents the content.. These are literary essays about Tolkien. The only people who are going to read them are people who are interested in what the words say. An image will not change that.


    1. Correct.

      The images are nice, and those of us who read this on a regular basis enjoy them. But unlike posts that are crafted around an image or that need full illustrations, the Tolkien posts are based on textual analysis and rooted in an ongoing conversation. Images for them are nice bonuses but not necessities.


      1. My thought exactly. From here on out, I will illustrate when I have time, but I will not hold a good Tolkien essay for lack of an image, is what I am really getting at.


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