(OAMG) King of Tokyo

Lyn-Blog: (OAMG) King of Tokyo

Looking for a quick game that is easy to learn, family friendly, and has great art? Look no further than King of Tokyo! You and your friends play monsters attacking the city of Tokyo. Can you rule supreme with just 6 dice?

Lyn-Blog: (OAMG) King of Tokyo

THEME: Humor, Monsters, Anime


DESIGNER(S): Richard Garfield

COST: $40 on average


This is another one of my favorite games. I love love love this game! It’s so quick and easy, the cards are funny and it can get quite competitive but always (at least with my crowd) still fun and light hearted.

Lyn-Blog: (OAMG) King of Tokyo

Being a game where the key to winning is just pure luck, this one has a good bit of replay value. I find that when a game’s outcome comes down mostly to the luck of the dice, the outcomes change all the time and that makes a game so replay-able! Sure you lost the last five times you played, but maybe today is your day! There is some strategy to the game as well. Let’s break down the game play…

Lyn-Blog: (OAMG) King of Tokyo

First you pick a monster. You all start with 0 points and 10 health. I love the monster cards and the score/health trackers on them. It’s really great design.

Lyn-Blog: (OAMG) King of Tokyo

Determine who will go first (we roll dice). Then you roll the dice. The dice have a 1, 2, 3, heart, lightning bolt, and claw symbols on them. Hearts give you health (but if you are the current King of Tokyo, you cannot heal with them!). The claw or hand/paw symbol is your attack; the lighting bolt gives you energy cubes, which you can spend on  power-ups (the cards); and rolling three-of-a-kind (or more) of the same number (1-3) gives you that many victory points!

Lyn-Blog: (OAMG) King of Tokyo

The goal is to be the first monster to 20 victory points or the last one standing. I love all the monsters in the game, my favorite being the Cyber Bunny. Not because it’s pink, bleah, but because it’s a BUNNY in a GIANT ROBOT. Awesome.

Lyn-Blog: (OAMG) King of Tokyo

Seriously, if you are looking to get your feet wet in the new and improved world of tabletop gaming, you want to give King of Tokyo a try. It’s a great game, and trust me, you’ll love it.

Lyn-Blog: (OAMG) King of Tokyo

(P.S.- I also have two expansions for King of Tokyo. If you like a post about them and the pretty sweet new elements they add to this already crazy fun game, let me know in the comments below)

Lyn-Blog: (OAMG) King of Tokyo

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Also, you can watch Wil Wheaton play King of Tokyo over on the Geek and Sundry channel on YouTube.



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      1. Somehow I’ve missed that.

        He’s really not quite the best at relaying information, bless him, especially lately, as he’s had a lot on his plate. Post-March, when things settle down for all of us, let’s get to playin’.


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