Honest Trailer: 300

Y’all need to see this.

“The yelliest king” might be one of my favorite titles. Ever. (And I love titles. I’ve an affinity for descriptors in general.)

I quite enjoyed 300, but I just can’t get interested in a sequel. I mean…Everybody dies in the first movie. What more story is there to tell? Whatever it is, apparently this time they’re on a boat? (Anyone else hear some Lonely Island playing in their head? No? Well, you should.)

Also, can we talk about that weird-but-true, convoluted sequence of sources for this film? The way we tell and re-tell stories is absolutely fascinating.



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  1. Diana, I am terribly excited about the sequel because it supposedly will tell about the Battle of Salamis. which occurred in conjunction with, and just after, the Battle of Thermopylae in 480 BCE. The lead character in the movie is Themistocles, the Father of the Athenian navy, without whom Athens would never have pushed the Persians back across the Hellespont. How historically accurate the movie will be is anyone’s guess, but Thermopylae (of which the original 300 movie is based) was a strategy to hold the Persians back just long enough to let other Greeks prepare for the invasion.

    On an eye candy note, it makes me very sad that Gerard Butler will not be able to be in the sequel. He is very, very pretty. And a delightful Leonidas.


    1. Pffft….Historically accurate. I don’t even know if we know what that means anymore. However, thanks for the additional background. That helps my confusion about whether we were about to see 300 Spartan ghosts. 😉


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