Getting Ready for Vegas: The Shows

So we’re only going to be in Vegas for a few days. We fly in on Sunday, get married on Monday, and we’re flying back to New Orleans on Thursday afternoon. We knew we wanted to do a Vegas show or two, and these two won out:

We knew fairly immediately that we wanted to go to both of these, but there were also others that we wanted to see. Somehow, though, these two seemed like the right sort-of things. I’ve even got fancy new dresses to wear, even if I don’t “have” to.

I’m ready for the spectacle.

At this point, the only things we need to do are pack and ensure that we have witnesses. Tall order in 12 days, but I think we’ll be fine.



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  1. Reblogged this on Forget the Viagra, Pass Me a Carrot and commented:
    I have always said that if we were to renew our vows that we should go to Vegas. We went a couple of times when we lived in Houston in the mid 80’s and loved it. We went back in the late 90’s but not since and CSI aside (midsummer murders on speed) I have heard from friends that it is a wonderland. So have a wonderful trip, congratulations and enjoy the shows.


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