A Week from the Wedding, Two Months from Comps

Neon Boneyard Wedding-Erin Summerill Photography (erinsummerillphotgraphy.com)
Neon Boneyard Wedding-Erin Summerill Photography (erinsummerillphotgraphy.com)
Neon Boneyard Wedding-Erin Summerill Photography (erinsummerillphotgraphy.com)
Neon Boneyard Wedding-Erin Summerill Photography (erinsummerillphotgraphy.com)

So the final details of the wedding are coming together. We’ve gotten the Elvis and showgirl witnesses taken care of, we both have our clothes…And that’s good, since we’re getting married in just a week. At this point, the packing and getting there are the only things we need to do-well, that and get haircuts.

The dress I’ll be wearing, by Trashy Diva, a NOLA based, retro-inspired clothier, works well with Sam’s three-piece suit. Photographer Erin Summerill will be capturing the wedding through the lens, and we’ll be in the amazing Las Vegas Neon Boneyard. Squee!

I’m still trying to work my way through studying for my comprehensive exams, though it’s going far slower than I had hoped. Some of my slowness is due, of course, to procrastination. I’d rather write a blog post or clean the house than read.

Of course, like taking care of the Little Jedi, grading, and finishing wedding plans, cleaning and writing are things I have to do. But sometimes I spend too much time doing them. My DVD’s probably don’t need to be re-alphabetized; I’m not sure I need to re-organize my office, either. But these things happen.

Either way, in a week I’ll be a happy married lady, having said “I do” to the most wonderful man I can imagine saying “I do” to.

The RingAnd remember how I said I don’t like diamonds all that well? Sam chose a ring as unusual as our relationship. I haven’t done the hand-selfie on the social medias, because it just seems like a way of showing off. But now seems like an appropriate time for show-and-tell. 🙂

Now I won’t show and tell this next part, but I’m off to read Judith Butler’s Gender trouble for a while before picking up Little Jedi when school closes early.




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    1. Thank you so much!

      I look forward to having such a silly, fun, and special wedding afternoon that we get to share with everyone in photos, even if not in person. 🙂


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