I’ve been having lots of conversations (online and IRL) about masculinity and femininity lately–whether they even exist, what they mean, and how they change according to time and culture. And then Buzzfeed posted this amazing moment with Kevin Spacey, when their reporter asked him the types of questions that are generally asked of women on the red carpet–who are you wearing, who did your hair and nails, what’ve you been doing to get your appearance ready for this event, in short.

Spacey laughs off the conversation, after good-naturedly answering the reporters questions, but it seems he gets the point, even if he does ask her if she “smoked anything” before hitting the red carpet. Now whether he knew exactly what she was up to by question 2 (which I suspect) or was still actually confused (unlikely), it’s worth noting that asking appearance-based questions of a man prompts that kind of response.

See the interview below:


Spacey, who has played characters dangerous and servile, gay and straight, has generally (we forgive him for K-Pax and Fred Clause) chosen complex roles: American Beauty’s Lester, House of Cards’ Frank, the title figure in The Life of David Gale, Se7evn’s John Doe, and the ubiquitous Lex Luthor. This is why I’ve little doubt that, no matter that Buzzfeed “didn’t tell him why” they were asking him these questions, he sussed it out rather quickly. That makes his responses all the more noteworthy as crafted pieces of rhetoric, styled to highlight the difference between himself and the female contingent of the Oscars.