Diana’s asked me to do a few posts here this week while she and Sam elope to Vegas. Since I spent the last three days writing long posts for our other blogs, I don’t have anything prepared, so I’m thinking “why not geek out on some blogging today?”

I’m of two minds when it comes to discussing followers and traffic in a public post. One the one hand, it makes me uncomfortable in the way that discussing people’s personal incomes makes me uncomfortable. On the other, sometimes I see things in our traffic numbers that I find curious enough to consult other bloggers about. I’ve been looking at some of those things with Part Time Monster and Sourcerer for a few weeks now, so here comes the discussion.

Part Time Monster has more than 600 followers, and Sourcerer doesn’t even have 400 yet. These are small numbers, I know, but that’s big difference. Despite this fact, Sourcerer is generating the same number of page views on a week-to-week basis. Typically, here’s how our traffic relationship looks.

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