#Tolkien Roundup – Featuring Leonard Nimoy!!

I didn’t have a chance to do the research on Gollum this week,  so today, let me just give you a few links to the best Tolkien blogging the Internet has to offer.

If you are a fan of essays, you’ll like this one. It has footnotes and everything. It is a discourse on “Fate and Self-Fulfilling Prophecy in the Children of Hurin.” If you don’t know Tolkien that well, Turin, son of Hurin, is a pivotal figure of The Silmarillion, and one of Tolkien’s most problematic characters. Authored by Steven of The Leather Library, which has an impressive Tolkien archive.

James at A Tolkienist’s Perspective has been working on the military organization of Mordor, and I recommend those posts to you, but today I am featuring this post in which he compares the colors in the Hobbit movies to the colors in the LOTR, and discusses what that means. It is fascinating. Check it out.

Eric at Sweating to Mordor had a gem of a post yesterday, and wins the award for headline of the week: “But a fish took the Ring and was filled with madness.” He’s looking at early drafts of LOTR at the moment, and doing an excellent job with them.

And now, the funny. You want to be sitting down when you watch this. Trust me. You will laugh hard.

Here’s an explainer provided by Sputnikmoney, who posted the video:

This was originally filmed in 1967, on a variety show called Malibu U. The colour portion of the video is from “Funk Me Up Scotty,” a 1996 documentary from BBC2 about the musical careers of the cast of the original Star Trek. The show cut the last verse and an instrumental/dance interlude, which I’ve restored using black & white footage from I know not where.

Discovered this video via  Confessions of a Geek Queen, who labeled it the geekiest thing she’s ever seen. I just might agree with her on that, and I recommend her blog. She comes up with some fabulous stuff.



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