Officially official husband and wife, Sam and I are back from Vegas. We’d an amazing time, and we only gambled a teensy little bit. I loved the lights, the weirdness of being in a city where the tallest buildings are hotels, and getting all dressed to head out every night. But man, I’m glad to be home. I’d be even more happy about it if there hadn’t been guys outside the house, sanding the paint down so they can re-paint the exterior, for 8 hours yesterday and now today with no end in sight. Le sigh.

But Vegas…Oh, Vegas. I wish I could just see every show in Vegas. And speaking of shows…While Zumanity was definitely worth going to see, Absinthe blew us away. It’s crude, yes. There were lots of sex and VD jokes and plenty of insulting the audience…But in a super-small theater, with a tiny stage filled with variety acts who perform crazy stunts right over your heads, it was also thrilling.

(“Don’t stand up, or you’ll get kicked in the fuckin’ face”–fair warning, ringmaster.)

(And these guys, the body guards. The human body can do amazing things.)

We managed to get ourselves back home late Thursday night, and we’ve been busy recuperating since.

Last one: NSFW, and not for the faint of heart, as Penny is pretty crude.

Huge thanks go out to Gene’o for minding the Monster while I was gone, and warm fuzzies to all of you who wished us well on our trip and kept up with the Monster while we were gone.