Youtube Spotlight: Daniela Andrade Covers “Creep” and “Get Lucky”

I like the way these songs are changed only slightly–they’re extremely recognizable, but everything is a little slower, a little jazzier, a little moodier.



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  1. The “Creep” cover totally hit the spot for me today. I wish I could have an mp3 of this cover. I’d listen to all day on repeat. Thanks for the post.


      1. Ok, Catalog fixed. All positivity now.

        I’ll be glad when all this shit is gone from the front pages. I didn’t feel good posting it, but I did feel right. That paladin meme is like my new catch phrase “Lawful Good does not always mean Lawful Nice.” I am no paladin, but sometimes it really sucks to be a lawful good sorcerer rogue.

        I sincerely hope I never have to say another word about this.


        1. Yes indeed. I’m fine with it fading away into the blogosphere. It’s there for anyone who needs to know about it at this point, but I’m basically finished discussing it because I think we’ve said pretty much all there is to say.


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