As a general rule, Gene’O and I try not to do much re-blogging of one another. It’s a strategic thing that has, I think, made our network deeper if not necessarily larger. It’s also so that we keep turning out enough content to run three blogs with three separate identities. But this was too good not to re-blog, so I hope he’ll forgive me for breaking our rule. 😉

Tomorrow, look for a regular post from the Monster as well as the unveiling of the A to Z Blogging Challenge theme. For tonight, read this:

Taylor Grace, you continue to rock | The Writing Catalog.


Helen Oyeyemi on the power of fairy-tales and why her new novel tells the story of Snow White’s Evil Queen. It’s a short video, just a minute and half, but there are some powerful words in there. Among them is this:

“For me, it was the connection between the fairy tale explicitly stating that Snow White’s beauty lies in the whiteness of her skin and the struggle in the American 50’s and 60’s for all skin colors to be considered equal.”

Oof, that’s powerful stuff. A bit like a punch in the gut.

I can’t wait to have time to read this book.