Taylor Grace, you continue to rock | The Writing Catalog

As a general rule, Gene’O and I try not to do much re-blogging of one another. It’s a strategic thing that has, I think, made our network deeper if not necessarily larger. It’s also so that we keep turning out enough content to run three blogs with three separate identities. But this was too good not to re-blog, so I hope he’ll forgive me for breaking our rule. πŸ˜‰

Tomorrow, look for a regular post from the Monster as well as the unveiling of the A to Z Blogging Challenge theme. For tonight, read this:

Taylor Grace, you continue to rock | The Writing Catalog.



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  1. hehe one more.

    You are correct about the depth, and honestly, it is deeper than I expected it to be at this point. Deeper than I realized, even, until very recently.


  2. One more thing. Started to pm you this, but decided it’s better on the thread. I have a Feminist Friday post near enough done that I’m going to announce it tomorrow and ping people who I think might be interested. Will also tweet the link from my collaborator account and tag as many interested people as possible.

    I’m using our discussions with Gretchen in January to invite other bloggers into the conversation about feminism we’ve been having since we met. Hoping for a good discussion thread on Friday. Told her tonight it’s for sure on another thread.

    I’m inviting discussion on whether or not Feminism is politically useful in a practical way. Not saying feminism is dead (saying it’s alive and well). Not saying we shouldn’t reclaim the label and assert ourselves as feminists (we should).

    Just wondering if that’s the way to go in a practical political sense. It’s turned into a nice post, and if the discussion goes elsewhere, that’s fine. But I think we need to end this week with an offer to engage on something positive, and it’s time for me to write an original Feminist Friday post.

    Not sure about Gollum yet. Will depend on how tomorrow goes, but I needed to get that Friday thing done tonight so we could get it rolling.


    1. Very good.

      And that piece got shared because it tapped into something that we’ve been circling around for a while and really just brought out into the open in a post rather than comment thread–the ghettoization of “non-literary” works, especially among those who should be the most avid of readers: literary scholars. That speaks loudly to many folks, especially in the blogosphere, as blog writing is another undervalued form of writing.

      It’s also an emotional piece but it doesn’t slam anyone else. It’s respectful, but it’s clear about its boundaries.

      Looking forward to feminist Friday. πŸ™‚


      1. Yeah. I realized that I had tapped into that after the fact. I’m glad it’s out in the open now and I have a link to it. I feel like it’s off my chest, if not out of my system.

        I still think it was wise, given the context and the way I constructed it, not to hit the feeds and social media with it directly.


  3. I’ll tell you something funny. This post has gotten more organic shares than any other post I’ve ever written there. I didn’t tag it. Didn’t publicize it. Because, you know. Read it. I thought it was too rough and too long, but I needed to publish it.

    This is the second reblog, and I got a tweet and a DM from a person I’ve tweeted with but not really talked to until today.

    I’ve picked up more followers over there today than I have in the last two weeks, and just got a notification that this is my best day ever for likes at the Writing Catalog.

    I seem to have tapped into something with this. I did everything possible to minimize the audience, and people just keep finding it. Social media is very odd sometimes.

    We’ll turn the corner on that content thing one day, and when we do, the fact that we have three blogs, all with their own social media channels but the Monster riding on Sourcerer’s channels, will allow us to do some very interesting and very efficient things with our archives.

    Part Time Monster: Year One every Thursday at Sourcerer.



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