A2Z-BADGE-000 [2014]

Part Time Monster, along with The Writing Catalog and lots of other great blogs, will be participating in the A-Z Challenge. Starting April 1, and every day in April except on Sundays, the Monster will be blogging through the alphabet–along with a long list of other bloggers. Themes for the A-Z Challenge vary, with some folks not doing a theme and some folks already having rather specific themes and daily plans in the works. I’m somewhere between these; I’ll give you guys the theme, but I’m not yet (partially becuase I’m not completely finished!) releasing a day-to-day list of topics. The Monster’s theme will be……*Drumroll please*

Girls in Children’s and YA Fiction: The Comps Edition

Also, as Gene’O  announced yesterday on both The Writing Catalog and Sourcerer that Friday, we’ll be having a discussion about feminism–the language we use for it as well as viable linguistic alternatives, if there are any. The comment threads on both of those posts assure me that Friday will be a superb discussion.


First things first. Listen to this while you read. If you’re just finding me, I have a note for you at the end of the post.

Next. No Gollum this week, but I promise you this series is still alive,  and Gollum is next on the list. Remember how long it took me to get Isildur just right, and then we ended up with three rebloggable, comment-worthy posts? Well, Gollum will be even better, I think. In the meantime, I’m giving some love to my favorite Tolkien blogs.

James of A Tolkienist’s Perspective went to the real Oxford and wrote a travel piece about it. It’s fascinating. You should be reading James. He has helped me out with research questions and such. He knows his Tolkien well enough to analyze the military organization of Mordor. How cool is that? If a week goes by and I haven’t checked in to see what he is doing, I give him a visit. He runs a very tight blog.

The Leather Library is one of my favorite blogs, and one of the first I commented on when I started doing the WordPress thing in November. Their Tolkien archive is to die for. They also like pipes. Steven does interesting things with books, and creates his own illuminated Tolkien manuscripts. He even has a YouTube Channel.

Sweating to Mordor is just a beautiful project. Eric started this blog with the idea of covering the distance between the Shire and Mordor on his elliptical machine and doing a read-through while he was doing it. Now he’s looking at drafts and making very interesting observations. I have no idea whether the elliptical machine is still being used or not, and I am not one to judge. He comes up with some awesome art, and knows his Tolkien. You should check him out.

Now, here is a video that includes my favorite moment from the Peter Jackson films. My favorite moment is the part where Theoden rides the length of the rank touching the spears with their swords, and they all shout “Death.” There is something powerful about that, despite the cheezy Hollywood music. My next favorite is the death of Boromir, which you can find at the top of my bibliography page.

If you are just joining me: I’ve been writing a series on Tolkien since December. As strange as it is to do on a blog, I cite page numbers. This is the post you want to start with. This is a very long series. I’ll create you a page and put them all in chronological order soon.