#AtoZ Blogging Challenge Theme Reveal and #FeministFriday Discussion Invitation

A2Z-BADGE-000 [2014]

Part Time Monster, along with The Writing Catalog and lots of other great blogs, will be participating in the A-Z Challenge. Starting April 1, and every day in April except on Sundays, the Monster will be blogging through the alphabet–along with a long list of other bloggers. Themes for the A-Z Challenge vary, with some folks not doing a theme and some folks already having rather specific themes and daily plans in the works. I’m somewhere between these; I’ll give you guys the theme, but I’m not yet (partially becuase I’m not completely finished!) releasing a day-to-day list of topics. The Monster’s theme will be……*Drumroll please*

Girls in Children’s and YA Fiction: The Comps Edition

Also, as Gene’O  announced yesterday on both The Writing Catalog and Sourcerer that Friday, we’ll be having a discussion about feminism–the language we use for it as well as viable linguistic alternatives, if there are any. The comment threads on both of those posts assure me that Friday will be a superb discussion.



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    1. It will! Little Jedi’s birthday is the 4th, so we’re also prepping for that.

      Looking forward to seeing what you’re up to, as well!


    1. Thank you! I’m still working out the daily calendar, but I’m excited, as I think it will both prepare me for my comp exams and be a fun blog series. 🙂


    1. Thanks! I thought, given my comps reading and the tone of our recent conversations here at the Monster, that it would be a good way to spend the month.


    2. I agree – awesome choice of theme, and I love the announcement.

      @Natacha, I’ve had such a crazy work day and can’t remember if I thanked you on your blog for the links this morning, so thanks, or thanks again! 😉


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