Getting Ready for A-Z Challenge

Today is our last day before the A-Z challenge begins. That means that at some point today, I have to finalize my list of girls in fiction to investigate and make sure there’s a post queued for tomorrow, as I’ll be teaching most of the day.

Meanwhile, I need to grade about 20 papers today in order to be fully ready for that whole teaching thing tomorrow. I managed to spend most of the weekend doing Nothing of Importance, which was really quite grand while it was happening but is not very effective now.

So I’ll leave you, as I scurry off to do the thousand things I need to do today, with this.



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  1. I feel you. I did Things of Importance this weekend, but it was all offline (family time). I didn’t get as much done for the challenge as I hoped, but I do have a post for tomorrow ready, except for the art.

    Posted a welcome today, with links to your topics and a couple of friends who are also giving it a go.

    I’m hoping to write for Wednesday and Thursday tonight. Gtg back to work in a sec, and won’t be around until probably after 9 tonight. I think if I can make it through to Saturday, I’ll be ok.


      1. I do not really have a frame of reference, but I have noticed the enthusiasm. Had to go and look at the world clock when I saw that it had already started for you earlier this evening, hehe.And yeah. I’m ready to see it light up.

        It made me realize I need to put a world clock widget on one of my sidebars, if possible. We talk to quite a few people from Australia, the U.K., and a handful of random European countries on social media. Also: Canadians. I’ve noticed I seem to get on very well with people from Canada.


        1. Yes, the anticipation has been fun…As has been scrolling through my reader to see all the posts that started today.

          I need to put up a badge and a world clock on the PTM sidebar.


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