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Lyn Blog (OAMG) | Android: Netrunner

If you like deck-building, tabletop, card games; playing one on one with an opponent; but are tired of symmetrical set-ups, then you will enjoy Android: Netrunner.

Lyn Blog (OAMG) | Android: Netrunner

THEME: Science Fiction

PUBLISHER: Fantasy Flight

DESIGNER(S): Richard Garfield

COST: $40 on average

OFFICIAL WEBSITE:Android: Netrunner

I’m always on the look-out for games that can be played with just two players, and this one is great! My husband and I are already fans of deck-building card games (MtG, anyone?), so when I discovered this game, I knew I wanted to give it a try. Then, my friends gave me a copy for my birthday this past January and I was SO EXCITED TO CRACK IT OPEN!

Lyn Blog (OAMG) | Android: Netrunner

This game is called an “asymmetrical” card game, because unlike Magic the Gathering and other deck-builders, each side doesn’t operate the same. You are either playing as the corporation or as the hacker/runner trying to bring the corporation down.

Lyn Blog (OAMG) | Android: Netrunner

You have four core corporations to choose from, if that’s the side that interests you. There are three runner decks as well (my favorite).

Lyn Blog (OAMG) | Android: Netrunner

I personally found the mechanics of this game quite complicated at first. In fact, I’m still a little fuzzy. FF has provided a video tutorial that I wish I knew about when we started playing.

I would definitely say this is not a game for beginners in the world of deck-building games. Or tabletops with complicated systems. I think the asymmetry of the game, which is one of the coolest aspects, is also one of the main reasons it is a bit tricky to understand. I personally enjoy the game, but that is because I’ve won every time. My husband has refused to play for a long time, but I finally got him to agree to try again, but he wants to be the runner this time. We shall see about that (j/k, but I did tell him he can’t hold it against me when I win as a the corporation, too).

Lyn Blog (OAMG) | Android: Netrunner

Lyn Blog (OAMG) | Android: Netrunner

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