Breaking: Boko Haram Video on Nigerian Girls’ Abduction #bringbackourgirls

On April 15, 234 Nigerian girls were abducted from their school. In the weeks since, there have been international outcries for intervention, as the Nigerian government has yet to address the situation in any way. Now, a video has surfaced, a confession that is absolutely chilling. “I sell women,” says the Boko Haram leader.

It’s past time to join the fight if you haven’t. These girls deserve justice, and every other girl deserves to see that those girls are worth it–that we care enough to find them.




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  1. The UK sent over £1billion in foreign aid to Nigeria last year despite them spending millions on a space programme. It is not quite the most corrupt country on earth but it is close. I have no problem with aid money being spent on preventing and resolving criminal acts such as this but it is unlikely to happen. Perhaps those that provide aid to Nigeria should be stricter about stipulating how it is spent.


    1. Yes. I think, too, that financial relief is one of the fastest ways to feel absolved of any need for further action. When it’s misused, that responsibility falls on the recipient, generally, rather than the giver. If it’s used well, the giving country gets to take credit for the good things the money does. It requires minimal involvement and can be covertly used.


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