Thoughts on the Beginning of Summer

Photo by Coley Christine Catalano via
Photo by Coley Christine Catalano via

Here at the beginning of summertime, Little Jedi is home for his first official day of summer after graduating on Friday, and I put in final grades last night for the spring semester. Here we sit in our pajamas. He’s got the Nook in front of him, watching video game walk-throughs on Youtube. I have no idea why, but he loves them so. I’ve got the computer in front of me, working on this blog and on the blog’s Pinterest account. He has no idea why, but I love them so.

Little Jedi stayed with my mom when I wasn’t able to be there during the first 4 years of his life, and this was his first year at any sort of school, the year he went to pre-k. So he’s getting his first taste of summer vacation. Thus far, he seems to be adapting well.

This is my….I have no idea, but I suppose it’s really my 30th summer vacation. My and grandmother were both teachers, and before I was school aged, I was attending pre-k in my grandmother’s half-a-day-classroom and then spending the remainder of the day with her, until one of my parents was off work. I grew up in school, then, and I have yet to really leave. I went straight through school to college, and after earning my bachelor’s degree I went straight into studying for my master’s. I took a year off after the master’s degree, but I was teaching at a university during that time, and then I came back to study for my PhD.

And so summers and spring breaks and a month off for Christmas have become part of my life. I’m not sure I want to live without them, especially now that Little Jedi is old enough to have holidays of his own. I like waking up late. I like cuddling with him, sitting on the couch with his feet in my lap or his body snuggled so closely that I can’t move my arm, with Tank curled up, too. I like being able to go somewhere if we want to but not having to go anywhere. I like swimming and going on trips.

No, we haven’t done anything exciting yet. I haven’t, and I may not, attempt any of those loads of activities that Pinterest lists. We may spend days like this, sitting in our pajamas and playing with technology. We’ll likely nap.

And I’m ok with that. In fact, it may be time for one now….

Photo by Davide Ragusa via
Photo by Davide Ragusa via


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  1. I just submitted my last grades for the semester too. This means I get to catch up on the blogosphere! And maybe I’ll watch some video game walk-through videos.


    1. haha! Indeed. I’ve fallen way behind on my things-to-do-on-the-Internet list. Here’s to watching video game walk-throughs, reading blogs, and doing everything in our pajamas for a few blissful weeks.


    1. Yeah, I would miss this calendar if I had a different sort of job. I am teaching this summer, but since I’m teaching online, I don’t have to be on campus, which is nice–I can be with Little Jedi while he’s here–and I can enjoy some time out of the office. It is a trade-off, though, as we only get paid for contracted days/semesters.


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