Gory Girl

I love gory, horrific television. Now that’s different from gory film-watching, and films I think are a conversation for another post. But I’ve gleefully watched DexterThe Walking Dead, True Blood, American Horror Story, and (though less happily this season) Game of Thrones. I’ve fallen in love with NBC’s adaptation of Hannibal. Last night, I watched the first episode of Penny Dreadful, and I loved every monstrous moment. I loved the vampires–and the Frankenstein scene was the most transfixing 5 minutes of TV I’ve seen in a long time. One of the few things I still love about Game of Thrones is the inventiveness of death.

I don’t know why I love gory television. I mean, I’m pretty decent in a crisis, and I don’t faint at the sight of blood, but I could never be comfortable enough with wounds and infections and seeing internal organs to be a nurse, doctor, or surgeon of any sort. But I get to try on all sorts of roles when I’m watching these shows, do and see all kinds of things that I’m never really going to. I’m not likely to meet any vampires, to need to kill zombies, or to cross paths with a serial killer who targets Bad People—but it’s damn fun to imagine it.

Perhaps it makes me unladylike to have such a deep appreciation for arterial spray, broken bodies, and monsters. I’m not sure I care. 🙂



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    1. It really is very good. They’ve put the second episode up ahead of time, so I’ve seen it as well, and I’m even more hooked.

      I loved the first 3 reasons of GoT. I’m finding the 4th to be far less enjoyable.


        1. The first and second seasons have been my favorite so far…Very engaging. The narrative begins to feel too big and clunky as the seasons go on. I think it works better in the books because we get so many characters’ points of view, but since we can’t do that in the same way on camera, it doesn’t work as well. And the show has a lot of what seems to be just gratuitous violence starting in season 3—different from the first two seasons, when violence almost always seemed to serve a narrative purpose.


        2. Hmm, I an see where it would work better in book form. I’ve been told for years I need to read them, but school has prevented me. Too much required reading, first with high school then with college and grad school.

          As for the violence, that is not good. If you are going to have it, at least let it server a purpose.


        3. Yes. I agree on the violence—and on the required reading. I haven’t read all of the GoT books because of grad school myself.


  1. I thought the trailers for Penny Dreadful sounded interesting, too. Glad to hear it’s good. Funny about the gory TV. My 72-year-old mother is ADDICTED to autopsy shows and serial killers–she loves all those CSI shows and especially Criminal Minds. She’s in love with Dexter. Anything with sadistic killers or dead bodies getting cut up in the morgue–we jokingly call her The Slab Lady, because she’s a sucker for a cold body on a slab.


    1. haha! I love it! I feel as though I could easily spend a week watching TV with your mother. We seem to have similar tastes. I like Criminal Minds, though I haven’t really followed it season-by-season, and I used to watch a lot of CSI. The one thing I miss about having digital cable is that we had the ID (Investigation Discovery) channel, and it was almost all real crime shows.

      And yes, Penny Dreadful is really great. We watched the second episode last night, which is up on Showtime’s website already, and it was as strong as the first one.


  2. We are the proverbial birds of a feather. I love a good bizarre, dark movie or TV program The only thing that could make it better is if comedy is mixed into it, as in Six Feet Under. I still rate it as one of the all time best TV programs of all time. Great post!


    1. 🙂 Thanks! And yes, I noticed that we had similar tastes back when I first lived in Hattiesburg and we had movie nights. Lots of weird, dark TV, but lots of fun.


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