21 Things That Make Me Irrationally Happy

Yesterday, I brought you 21 things I irrationally hate. I’m thoroughly amused by the response to said post. We seem to be united, for the most part, in our irrational hatred of clowns and incomplete sentences. I’m ok with that. It means I have an audience of grammarian clown-phobics. Awesome. 😀


Today, because the sun is shining (yesterday was super-stormy, which might have affected my decision), and because it’s a Good Day for Doing Nothing, here are 21 things that the Monster irrationally loves.

1. Pinterest. There’s no reason for me to like Pinterest as much as I do. I’m not particularly crafty, and I don’t cook. We have more furniture than we can realistically fit into our space, our walls are full of art, and Little Jedi isn’t home-schooled. That renders Pinterest pretty much useless for anything except collecting links and wasting time, but I love it.
2.  Tiny things/miniatures. I don’t know why, but wee versions of things are the Best Versions of things.
3. Sporks. They’re not this or that, but they’re delightful. And I’ve never been to a meal at which sporks were the utensil of choice that wasn’t fun.
4. Ewoks. Never mind that they’re blood thirsty little suckers. They’re fuzzy and pretty much adorable. In fact, maybe do think of the fact that they’re blood thirsty. Small but dangerous makes for infinite cuteness.
5. Pajama pants. I practically live in pajama pants–if I’m home, I’m wearing pajamas. In fact, I miss the days when I could got to class in my pajamas without getting funny looks.
6. Peter Pan. I wrote my master’s thesis on Barrie’s first version of the character, from “Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens.” I’ve loved the story since I was a child, in any and all versions. I eat up adaptations like candy.
7. Speaking of—adaptations and re-tellings. I love them. I love to watch them and read them. I love to think about how they change, or if they change, something about the original version of the story.
8. Scared people. Schadenfreude is probably the reason I enjoy this, really–but I love to watch people get scared. I also have an intense startle response myself, so I get a good laugh at my own jump scares (and so do those around me) at times.
9. Slides. Even if I’m too big for them, I love them all the same.
10. Dangerous creatures. Tigers, lions, pandas, hippos…They’re adorable. And deadly. *swoon*
11. Big trucks with loud pipes. I know they’re bad for the environment. I know they’re impractical. But I suppose my inner Southern girl just can’t let go of them.
12. The South, while we’re on the topic (though not in a South-will-rise-again sort of way). It gets a bad name, but it’s full of culture, interesting geography, and more great people than the media would have you believe.
13. Cold weather clothing. Sweaters, jackets, mittens, scarves, hats, and boots are totally my thing. I wish it was colder here more often.
14. Fiestaware. I have the new stuff in my kitchen, and I have some vintage pieces that I just love. I have several pitchers, which of course completely befuddles my husband.
15. Handbags. I have way more than I’ll ever realistically use.
16. That moment, in restaurants or parks, when an older person glances sideways at Little Jedi and grins. Or, better yet, when they strike up a conversation with him. I like to imagine their memories and wonder about what I’ll be like when I’m older, what Little Jedi will be like.
17.  Volkswagens. Considering my terrible experience with a used Beetle (seriously, I had to drive around with a wrench handy in case I needed to tinker a bit to get it to start), I should dislike the brand. But I quite love them.
18. The way old houses creak, and especially the sound of wind whipping around the corners. It’s a strange kind of peaceful.
19. Christmas lights. I’d keep them up all year round if I could.
20. The sound of bare feet on a wooden floor—especially Little Jedi’s feet. Such a happy sound.
21. Lists. I love, love, love lists.




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  1. Sporks! I love sporks. I’m thinking of doing this, but I have a terrible time thinking up random things. (Hence I have 4 award posts to make and no “random facts about myself.”


  2. Pinterest I still don’t get. I love Tumblr and Twitter, and I have a Pinterest account, but I can’t figure out what I am supposed to actually DO with it.

    Ewoks? Um.

    We have enough other things in common, I will just pretend I didn’t see that on this list 😉


    1. I had a Tumblr account briefly but didn’t like it very much. We have Sourcerer, Part Time Monster, and The Writing Catalog hooked up to a Tumblr, but we’re not utilizing that connection, really. Right now, anyway, I’m having enough of a time keeping the content on this blog going. lol

      And no on the Ewoks? No cuddly balls of death?;)


    1. 😀 Yes, I’d say I’m a list addict.

      And oh, that would be too funny! I thought about dressing up the dog for Halloween, but I think he’d just refuse to move until I took the costume back off.


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