Follow Friday. On the Blog! With flower photos.

This was posted at Sourcerer yesterday. It’s such a good encapsulation of our original little network, our first few blogging pals, that I thought it needed to be shared here, too. There’s no way that 6 months from start date we’d be sitting where we are if we hadn’t stumbled along some great people at the right time who were willing to build reciprocal relationships with us. I think Follow Fridays on the blogs are a brilliant idea.


Lyn the Lazy , who writes game reviews for Part Time Monster , had a brilliant idea last wildflowersApr28 week.  She gave the Monster a Follow Friday on her blog. It’s a beautiful post. You can follow them both on Twitter  @the_lyn and  @parttimemonster . The way Lyn did it, focusing on one blog, is the way to go. For this first post, though, I need to include a few.

I’ve been following all these blogs almost since day one, and six months later, I’m still keeping up with them and having conversations with them. I can’t kick this feature off with just one, because they all deserve the mention. They’ve all encouraged me and helped me improve my game.

Here are five blogs I’ve been following since last year. I’ve had conversations with the bloggers who run them, interact with them on other social media, and sometimgoldflowerses link to their work…

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      1. the Writing Catalog stuff is almost done. I’ll be ready to have conversations about next week around 8:30 or 9, if you happen to be available.


        1. Cool. May be 9:30 or so, and I need to get your Penny Dreadful draft written tonight for you, but I can chat for a while 🙂


  1. You’re correct, these relationships have been essential, and not only that, they’re what makes the blogging worthwhile. I wanted to include more bloggers, but you see how long that post is. I love the way it came out – it’s like a little memoir.

    I have to say, too, our contributors, and the bloggers we knew going in (hello, True Classics! are a big part of the success. When you’re starting from nothing, every like and comment counts as encouragement, and even though I wasn’t totally clueless when we started, I’ve learned a lot by paying attention to how other people handle their blogs.

    I agree that Follow Fridays on the blog is good. Especially good for people who blog as much as we do and know as many bloggers as we do. These are posts that can be written in advance, or several at a time. They get you a daily post and they do something good for a friend. I don’t see a downside.

    I recommend, unless you have a specific reason to include more than one, using Lyn’s Follow Fridays as a model. Good art, and including links to some other social media, are especially important with these posts.

    Here’s my idea for a blogging challenge: Do a Follow Friday every week for a year, and feature a different blogger every week. I’m not about to announce this as a goal in a post. but I’m thinking about it. I know enough follow-worthy blogs to do it, and I like the idea of doing that, and then giving Lyn and each of the five blogs in my first post individual follow fridays during the first six weeks of the second year.


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