Spellbound: Alfred Hitchcock on working with Salvador Dali

I’ve a soft-spot for Hitchcock’s Spellbound (1945). It’s not one of the Hitchcock films that is really still discussed, likely because there’s so much psychoanalysis in it. But that, of course, is precisely why I like it.

Well, that and Dali’s amazing dream sequences. Now I don’t know if I really believe that Hitchcock wasn’t looking for publicity by hiring Dali, or that it wasn’t a reciprocal sort of publicity, with both Dali and Hitchcock receiving benefits. I cannot imagine that not happening, actually, despite what Hitchcock says in the clip.

But what’s more interesting is his insistence that dreams are sharp, even if they’re nonsensical. It’s also one of the things that makes the film work. Those eyeball curtains are seriously uncanny. And I can’t imagine anyone else having done a better job of creating them than Dali. His vision is sharp and clear, even if it’s bent and bizarre.

You can watch the full film on Youtube, here:


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