A Tolkien Announcement

After a hiatus for April A-Z challenge, end of the semester work, and various other busy-making things, Gene’O will be returning to Part Time Monster with the Tolkien series by the first of June. In preparation, he has indexed the prior posts here.



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  1. Hehe. That was quick, and I totally missed the tweet. Just happened to stop in before I go offline for a bit to roll up a D & D character. I’m stoked about that. Haven’t played in almost 10 years, and played at least twice a month for the 15 before. (The rest of my group moved to Colorado en masse).

    Had planned to surprise post the announcement early next week, but hey, this works, too. There’s always a preview 😉 Gollum will take 4 posts, at least.


    1. haha…Yes, indeed. I deliberately left this pretty vague, not mentioning Gollum overmuch so that you could still do the surprise post before the piece actually runs. 🙂


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