The Purpose of Education for #FeministFriday

This week, the feminist Friday discussion is hosted on Comparative Geeks, and they’ve done a nice job of writing out a prompt that considers ideas of girls’ and women’s education. Please join us and lend your voice to the discussion…It’s a conversation worth having.

Right now I’m weighing in on literacy as one of the most crucial parts of education. Illiteracy makes it far easier to take advantage of someone–and far more difficult for the illiterate person to prevent this abuse. And that’s not to mention warning labels, nutrition information, contracts, directions, critical thinking, and the many other things we gain from being literate. But there are many avenues to consider, and there are already some great responses that consider other parts of education.

Comparative Geeks

Hello, and welcome to another Feminist Friday post! After 6 weeks of conversations, which you can find information about here, we realized that we had both barely scratched the surface of Feminism – and that we needed a good starting place, an area to spend more time on. What has been decided on first for focus is Education.

I had volunteered to host a post for Feminist Friday this month, and with the topic of Education, I volunteered to get us started. We’re considering talking about Education through age ranges, from early childhood – before schools even – through childhood, adolescence, and into secondary education – and on into adult education. But before hitting any of that, I felt that the place to start is with the purpose of Education.

While this might especially mean the purpose of formal education systems, I think that the question also applies to…

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