Enough Of This Shit

As usual, Gretchen nails it. Her #YesAllWomen post is both harrowing and poignant. And it’s an important one, one that I want to pass along.

I’ve been watching women write these 128 character chronicles, and I’ve written a few of them myself in the Twitterverse. Over, and over, and over, the stories of everyday misogyny are written. It’s bitterly sad, but in the communication there is hope.

#YesAllWomen is something I’ve been paying close attention to but haven’t said too much about. On Friday, I’ll be hosting our weekly Feminist Friday discussion at the Monster, and I’ll be talking #YesAllWomen then. Please join us.

Drifting Through


“Where you born to resist, or be abused?

Is someone getting the best, the best, the best, the best of you?”

-Foo Fighters, Best of You

Saturday was a fun day. We spent the evening at friend’s house. The kids laughing and playing in the pool while we enjoyed good food, great conversation and more than a few drinks. We all came pouring in the door full of energy and laughter. We shuffled the kids upstairs to get ready for bed. I paused for a minute to soak up the moment. My family. All of us smiling, happy. I was still reflecting on the fun evening whenI grabbed my phone. I popped on to Twitter for a quick peek to see if there was anything of interest happening.

#YesAllWomen. That’s what was happening.

I stopped my distracted cleaning that I had been doing while reading tweets. I had to…

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