If We Were Having Coffee: Sunday Edition

Unsplash by Justin Leibow

I’d tell you that this is what the Little Jedi’s room looks like now. There will be a big movie
poster between those two light sabers. They’re night-lights that have remotes (which is awesome). I’d tell you that Little Jedi’s eyes lit up when he saw his room and that he was able to identify every vehicle in those blueprint posters. Never did I imagine that this many years later I’d not only be still watching Star Wars but that I’d be decorating a room with memorabilia and waiting on yet another of the films to come out.

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I’d tell you that we intended to go to the Abita Brewery and Abita Mystery House this weekend, but that we’ll have to do at least part of that next weekend. I managed to lose a toenail after breaking a toe (gross, I know), so I can’t do close-toed shoes right now, and apparently I need close-toes shoes. Now I doubt they’ll absolutely kick me out (though they might) for wearing flip-flops, but I’m willing to bet that whyever they want me to wear close-toed shoes, I’m not going to want my injured toe just hanging out there. So we’ll make it to part of our plan, likely, but not the other part. Either way—-I’m in New Orleans. There’s always Something to Do.


I’d tell you that lots of things are going on at Part Time Monster these days. I’m solidifying a few features, like Top Ten Tuesdays, Wordless Wednesdays, and the permanent shift to holding our Feminist Friday conversations on the Monster. I was reluctant to do something like this for a while, both because I don’t work well on a rigid schedule and because I don’t do a lot of writing in advance, so I tend to go with what I’m thinking about at the spur of the moment. But as the blog has grown and as I’ve gotten busier, it feels nice to have a few things I know I’ll write weekly that can be done in advance (like this one). I’ve also been convinced that features work well for blogs, especially when the features are tied to things that other bloggers are doing.


I’d tell you that Gene’O has built a wonderful list of pages that collects some of our work. Jeremy has been blogging about Batman for over 6 months now; Gene’O has been writing about Tolkien off and on for almost 8 months now.  You can find their collected works, as well as some other series that we’ve run at the blogs, on those wonderful pages.


I’d tell you that I’m working on figuring out how to work smarter, not harder.


What would you say?



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  1. I’d say how I ADORE this idea, and also LOVE the set-up of Little Jedi’s room. I know some kids (okay, let’s be honest, and adults) who would love to have a room like that.
    Regular features can be tricky, I’ve been trying to use them myself, but keep struggling with WHAT exactly they should be. Let’s see how well I stick with them.
    Then I’d let you know all about the awesome weekend I had, time out with a friend, more dream-plotting for a train-trip a year from now (that may or may not ever come to fruition) and speculating on what I’d do if my office wins the lottery (we did not, but I did not know that on Sunday). And I would probably tell you far too much about how excited I am at the progress I have made on Disparate Threads (my blog-story) and also with my renewed interest for another story. Exciting to have the creative juices flowing.
    Then I would probably bury myself in my computer, because you’ve given me all sorts of neat new things to read 🙂


    1. haha! I’m so glad that so many of my adult friends and readers appreciate the joy of that room. And I’m glad that Little Jedi appreciates and loves such good movies at such a young age. I’ve had to watch Cars a million times, but I’ve also gotten to re-watch a lot of great things like Star Wars with him.

      Agreed on regular features—I’m trying to tweak mine. I had ideas for a few when I started, in particular blogging through Doctor Who, that still haven’t properly gotten going. I’ve just got to plan a little better now that the blog has grown.

      Glad you stopped by! 🙂


  2. Love the Jedi bedroom! I didn’t know they made lightsaber nightlights. My husband Nathan has two of the fancy collector ones, but nightlights sound great for kids. 🙂


    1. We got the idea from seeing some fancy collector ones, but I found some on Amazon that are plastic replicas that stay on for 15 minutes at a time and have a remote—perfect for nightlights, and less expensive/more suitable for a kid who might outgrow them. My husband did try to convince me to get enough of them to line the hallway. lol


  3. I’m glad Little Jedi likes his room, and sorry to hear about your toe! Ouch! (…and thank you for not posting a picture…)

    I, too, have been converted to the usefulness of features, but I have yet to commit to anything. I’ve also been “working on a paper” all week… Soooo I have a whole new blog theme fixed up and ready to go when I get around to activating it because I hate the one I have now… and my room is super clean and halfway re-postered… Yeah.


    1. ha! That sounds like what happens when I should be reading. 😀 Everything else gets more interesting when I have things that I really need to do.


  4. No pictures of the broken toe? Hahaha. My wife broke her toe a little while back and she said it hurt sooooo much. And it took a long time to heal. She did just walking from the living room to the kitchen and wasn’t going fast. Just a casual walk. But she swore the impact made it feel like she hit the damn thing on the coffee table leg at a full sprint. She had a sausage toe for quite while.


    1. haha…No, I figured it would be better not to post broken toe images. It’s healed enough now that it’s not terrible looking, at least, though it was a sight to begin with!


  5. OW!!! You’re right about there being a reason for that rule. There are all kinds of things floating around in breweries, and I don’t think you’d want to be in there with an open wound anyway.

    I concur about the features. I think the trick is to have a few of those that people can count on and look forward to – especially ones that other bloggers are doing – but still leave room for surprises. That’s why I like this feature so much. It’s a thing, but you never know what you’re going to get.

    Slept in after a nite at the ballpark and am just getting up and about today. So, we actually are having coffee as I type this. Btw, did you see my open thread experiment Friday night? That went very well.


    1. Well, it at least had started to grow back before the toenail came off, so it’s looking a lot better already. Managed to do that just walking through the house. I swear, I’ve hurt my feet more often in this house than anywhere I lived—sprained both ankles here and broke that toe so badly.

      And agreed re: the surprise of features like this one. I’m working on finding other features that I like as well as this one, as other folks seem to like it, too.

      Have seen the open thread experiment, but haven’t had a chance to really look closely yet. I’ve only been keeping up by checking my mobile app briefly before bed and in the a.m. just to check messages, so haven’t really visited blogs since Friday morning. Going to get around to that very soon. 🙂


  6. I’d say ouchie on the toe. I’d be curious how you broke it and I’m willing to bet it has slowed you down a lot.

    I’d say I really like your regular features – especially this one!

    I’d say that my home office – also known as the dining room table – is a disaster of papers, unopened mail, and miscellaneous I haven’t bothered to put away yet. It’s starting to stress me a bit and I’ve promised myself to deal with it today. I’m easily distracted and found myself on WP instead 🙂

    I’d say have a great Sunday and hope next week is a good one 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oddly enough, I broke it walking through my house; the AC intake is in the floor, and I somehow managed to hit it just right on the grooves so as to break it. Luckily, it seems to be mostly better now that the nail is healing.

      And thanks! I’m trying to make blogging here more efficient while still leaving room for contributors and for spontaneity. Features seem to be a good way to do that, especially things like this one and Top Ten Tuesdays that vary so greatly from week to week.

      And oh, do I understand both the cluttered work space and about being easily distracted by WordPress. I finally cleaned up my space on Friday, but that was mostly because I had company coming over for the weekend. lol And far more often than should happen, I look up and an hour or two has gone by with me doing nothing but goofing around on WordPress.

      Here’s hoping your upcoming week is a good one, too, and that you have a restful Sunday to get ready for it. 🙂


    1. We were thinking of going this weekend because I had a friend in town who hadn’t been, but it just didn’t work out. I do hope we can all go together, though—that’s still in the plans!


  7. Features are good–I’m off track after a couple of very busy weeks, but I rely on features as writing prompts as well as the foundation for by blog–I schedule them ahead, and early in each day, and whatever in the moment writing I do becomes a second post for that day–like a bonus. Hope that toe feels better….

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That’s probably a good way to think of them—as foundation that other things can be added to. I have to get myself further ahead on writing though, I think. I tend to write on the day-of or maybe a day before, but I’m beginning to get too busy again to do that any longer.

      And thanks–it’s feeling better already!


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