Surprise Photos!


I got into photoblogging back in May, thanks in part to a few conversations I had with That Montreal Girl, and have since rediscovered my passion for photography. Now it’s almost July, and I have enough photos to do Wordless Wednesdays, Silent Saturdays, and Silent Sundays at my two blogs for a year. I’m taking 20 or 30 photos every week that are good enough to share. That’s too many to just sit on.

Since I’m doing all the photoblogging that fits at Sourcerer and The Writing Catalog, Diana and I have been discussing adding some of my photos to the Monster.


Beginning in mid-July, I’m going to start loading photo posts here three and four at a time. You’ll see some of them on Wednesdays and on the weekends, I am sure. But really, you’re liable to seeย them any time the Monster needs a post.

These photos are few of my favorite early shots. Since they all ran at The Writing Catalog weeks ago, I thought I’d share them again today for those of you who missed them. I have quite a few images I’m proud of already, and really, I’m just getting started.


Have a great day ๐Ÿ™‚

Image ยฉ Geneโ€™O, 2014.ย O.k. to use for noncommercial purposes with credit & linkback.



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    1. Thanks very much!

      These are taken with a handheld video/snapshot camera. I zoom it all the way out, then get the lens as close to the flower as I can and still get a clear picture, and the autofocus does the rest.

      The reason I’m doing so many still/closeup shots right now is that the camera I have is terrible for stopping motion. It won’t take a clear photo of a squirrel no matter what I do with it.


    1. it’s a hedge bush of some sort. It’s a deeper purple – that was taken on a gray, dark day just after a rain, so the texture is good, but the color saturation suffered a bit.


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