No Feminist Friday This Week and Weekend Plan

Just checking in to say that the Monster, like Sourcerer, will be taking most of the weekend off. It’s Independence Day weekend, which means everyone’s off work tomorrow and there will be weekend fireworks, barbecues, and get-togethers.

download (17)

There won’t be a feminist Friday post tomorrow, but we’ll be back in full force next week. Over the weekend, you can expect to see a few short posts here—Silent Saturday and a Sunday music post. And I’ll be about here and there, but infrequently. We’ll resume business as usual on Monday with a belated Independence Day weekend themed coffee post.




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    1. I just didn’t want to go ahead and write it, because I like posting mine off-the-cuff, and Monday-after-the-holiday seemed like a good time to do it.


      1. I usually have mine written by Thursday or Friday. I try and keep them off-the-cuff, too. It’s just that they cover the week from Thursday-to-Thursday.


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