Tolkien Roundup: Throwback Thursday Edition

Sadly, Gollum eluded me this week. It happens. Gollum is slippery and cunning. Since we don’t like to go a week without Tolkien, here’s a roundup of posts from our favorite Tolkien bloggers that you’ll wish you’d read the first time around. But before we get to the throwbacks, I should mention that Lily of Middle Earth News has entrusted her eagles to Amanda. Take good care of them, Amanda!

James is preparing to celebrate a year of blogging at A Tolkienist’s Perspective. I am so happy about that, I went rummaging through is archives looking for his first post. I found an early one which talks about the problems of deciding which of Tolkien’s books is the greatest instead. It is just too good not to share. Enjoy!

If you aren’t aware, Steven of The Leather Library has produced an illuminated manuscript of The Lay of the Children of Hurin. He finishedlay_hurin it in January. Here’s the post in which he announced its completion and reflected on the trials of the project and the satisfaction of producing such a beautiful work of art.

Sweating to Mordor is one of the most ingenious blogging projects I’ve ever seen. Eric works out on his elliptical machine, then blogs about what’s happening as the Company of the Ring travels the same number of miles on their quest. He also takes fabulous photographs. He started out from Hobbiton on New Year’s Day. I’m interested in seeing how long it takes him to reach Mount Doom.



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    1. You’re welcome, and cheers to you 🙂

      I can’t believe it’s been six months since you finished that book. The seemed to drag while it was going on, but now it’s like I just blinked and it’s almost fall.


  1. Thanks! I’m interested in finding out how long it takes me to get to Mordor, too. I’m currently injured (eh, sort of), so might be awhile. But it’s a good chance for folks to catch up!

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