The Kongos: Come With Me Now

No coffee post today, but I’ll be back tomorrow, and you can expect a late coffee post then! 🙂

It’s a holiday weekend here, and I’ve been off having lunch and hanging out doing holiday-things, but I’ll be back tomorrow.

Meantime, have one of my songs-of-the-moment, “Come with Me Now” by The Kongos.



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    1. I agree! I think it’s far too uncommon to find an accordion player in a band these days, and they can manage some pretty bad-ass sounds. A few years ago now, we went to see Dropkick Murphys when they were here, and The Mahones opened up for them. They have an amazing female accordion player. One of the few other bands I can think of that do, actually.


  1. Love the song — the first time I heard it on the radio, the DJ said it sounded like it should be the theme song of a TV show, and I’ve been imagining what a great show it would be ever since. 😀 (Of course, funnily enough, the more I listen to it the more it sounds like the protagonist of my own novel talking to the villain).


    1. I agree on the TV show theme—-it seems like it would be good for a Western period piece, something like Hell on Wheels. 🙂 And funny on the writing; I think it sounds like a villain talking to a protag, but I haven’t read your villain or protag yet. 😀


      1. I was thinking of True Blood, I didn’t watch terribly far in that show but they always had such good credit music! Definitely a kind of updated Western feel.

        It’s not entirely fair, when I describe the two of them no one can guess which is the hero and which is the villain. Must confess it pleases me to no end since that’s the way I intended it. 😉


        1. Sounds like an interesting villain *and* and interesting hero, then.:D I tend to like villains better than heroes because of complexities and just sheer interesting-ness.


        2. Thanks. 😀 I think that’s pretty normal, I’ve actually got a post brewing about Elsa, Magneto, Loki, and the Winter Soldier, among others, but I don’t know when I’ll actually get it together.

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