If We Were Having Coffee: Monday Edition

Unsplash by Justin Leibow
Unsplash by Justin Leibow

I’d tell you that the weekend was a good one but quite different from what I’d expected. We were supposed to spend the weekend with friends, but due to complications on their end, we had to postpone our plans. Little Jedi is with his dad; Sam and I had lunch with his family (including contributor/sister-in-law/old friend Lyn) Saturday. For most of the rest of the weekend, we drank margaritas and Nextflix binged, whch was actually a pretty good way to spend a long, hot weekend.


I’d tell you that I’m going to the beach next week. The Monster will be posting, but everything will be scheduled beforehand, and I’ll be checking in but not online nearly as much as usual. I’d tell you that I’m excited to have the time away and to be going to the ocean, not just the Gulf, with Little Jedi in tow and little cousins for him to play with.


I’d tell you that I tried watching Girls but do not see what the fuss is about. I made it about halfway through the pilot before turning it off. None of the characters seemed terribly compelling, and the plot was just dull.

I also tried watching The Leftovers, and I made it through the first episode, but I haven’t seen the second yet. I’ve mixed feelings, especially considering that I still don’t trust Lindeloff. I haven’t forgiven him for the last season of Lost yet. But the actors were engaging, and the premise is interesting.


I’d tell you that I have gotten lax about passing along awards, and I’m terribly sorry. I was reminded of this by Gene’O’s award post today. Originally, I was pretty good at immediately passing along awards when they were given to the Monster, but over the past few months, I haven’t been so good. What that means is that I’ve got a pile of awards ready to be given out, and some stellar bloggers who deserve awards. At least a few of next week’s posts will be devoted to passing along these awards. I appreciate them when they make their way here, and I want others to get that lovin’ feelin’. 🙂


I’d ask you what you’re up to on this Monday-after-the-holiday, what you’d like to talk about over coffee.



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  1. mmmmm – netflix binging!! I’m overdue.

    Unfortunately Canadian netflix is not nearly as good as American netflix. Maybe someday that imbalance in universe will be corrected.


  2. I tried to watch Girls also, but never could get interested in it. I haven’t watched The Leftovers. I don’t think I will. It’s just too heavy, too depressing, for me.


    1. Yeah, I just found Girls to be dull.

      The Leftovers had a few sad moments, but overall it wasn’t sad, especially considering the subject matter.


  3. I love awards, but they’ve always been tricky for me, because some people just don’t like them, and I respect that.

    Also, they tend to come in rashes, and some of them require quite a lot of thought and effort. So once you have a few piled up — especially if you have a regular schedule — it gets difficult to work them into the writing calendar, difficult to find a slot to post them in, and difficult to know how long you should wait before you post your next award post or nominate someone for a second award.

    This is why I always try and thank the person who nominates me in a front page post within a week of receiving the nomination unless I’m planning to do the nomination immediately. I truly am grateful for them, don’t mind linking to the person who nominates me, and tend to lose track of them if I don’t add them to my awards page immediately (which I haven’t done in quite some time).


    1. Yes, that’s what happened to me—-I got behind, and now I am having a difficult time figuring out how to catch up. I will, though. 🙂


  4. I don’t care for Girls either. Just cannot relate. I’ve heard of The Leftovers – is it a Netflix show? I just rejoined. Oh, I guess I could look for myself. lol. Have a great day!


    1. The Leftovers is HBO—there are two episodes so far. I’ve only seen the first one, though.

      On Showtime, we’ve been watching Penny Dreadful and Masters of Sex, both really good.

      Hope you had a good day, too!


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